Rat Fink

With Honor I can pronounce that I am going to work for 1 of the founders of the Hot Rod, Chopper en Custom paint world.

Become 1 of the 3 owners of a great and unique fire-sculpture in the world!

Ilene Roth, widow of Ed Roth asked me to build 1 Rat Fink bbq/fire-sculpture for the Ed Roth’s Rat Fink museum in Manti / Utah USA.
My very first Rat Fink fire-sculpture took over more then 600 hours of my life to build it. The next 2 I’m going to make, will take a bit less of production hours, but will be still very hard and intense to create and definitely worth having!

To finance this project I’m asking you to donate onetime a small amount of € 25,- With those donations I’m going to build Rat Finks: 1 for the Ed Roth’s Rat Fink museum and 1 for 1 of the donors! With this way of financing I can fulfill this goal!


How to be part of this project?

Hit the button Donate to transfer easy by Paypal


Donate € 25,- to: Kustom Fire Pits NL88RABO0309800951
With the description:  Rat Fink , Your name, Address and emailaddress.